The Schmidtmann Family (Rochester, NY)

This is where it all happens, the magic of photography. The albums are arranged according to who shot the photos and set up the album. Enjoy.

Carl's photos
Frank's Virginia photos (family, karate, other)
Frank's New York photos (visits, trips, etc.)

Carl's Photo section

1. Virginia Beach, 2004

2. Pics of Rochester visit, 2005

Frank's Virginia Photos

1. Clovis Visit

2. Pics from Summer and Fall of 2004 (during dissertation time)

3. 2nd degree Black belt testing and demonstration event - December 2005

4. My basement being built - early stages - august 2007

Frank's New York and other trip photos

1. Graduation for Frank, May 2005

2. Christmas 2005

3. Rochester Zoo visit, 2005

4. Christmas - 2009

5. Pictures from NY visit around Christmas 2004

6. A couple old photos of me as a child, here.

7. the AST Mountain Dew Tour. - June 2007

Anyone Else?

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